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Payment Delays

Updated: Mar 19

Despite clear evidence of their insured driver’s liability in causing the subject crash as demonstrated by the damaged vehicle photos, police officers’ reports, and admission of the involved parties, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier denies, diminishes the amount due and delays required payments to the injured persons because:

  • Their insured disagrees with the police report or does not cooperate with the investigation or gives a different version of events

  • There is no insurance coverage for the accident of the driver

  • Another party is at fault for causing the crash

  • The claim is under investigation for an undetermined period

  • The injury treatment was unnecessary, excessive, or unreasonably delayed

  • The treatment bills are inflated and exceed the average corresponding charges as determined by an unknown and undisclosed peers’ review

  • Compensation for pain and suffering is minimal as physical therapy continued only for a few months

  • Traumatic brain injury was not treated while knowing that there is no cure for brain injury and MRI tests do not show concussion but reflect only a brain swelling or bleeding or a skull fracture

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