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Value of Injuries

Catastrophic events, such as plane crashes, train or watercraft collisions, or pedestrian knockdowns by vehicles, cause death and severe injuries like limb paralysis, decapitation, internal organ and brain damage, spinal fractures, etc. Victim’s damages resulting from a traumatic occurrence are divided in general into...

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Traumatic Brain Injury: Life-Care Costs 

It is dark inside the brain. No one can see the brain. It receives information and communicates with all our organs (including eyes transferring the outside world’s images) via nerves. Very few blood vessels reach the brain to carry medications. The silent grey mass works non-stop from our birth to death...

Crash Caused Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury

Even low speed crashes may lead to the vehicle occupant’s discectomy, concussion, and permanent damages. Neither the impacted vehicle visual damage nor body restraining systems, nor unrecorded speed of vehicles...

Brain Scans
Lifelong Consequences of Injuries

Catastrophic life altering injuries may arise from vehicle, train, watercraft or airplane crashes, equipment or product malfunction, gas pipe or flammable liquid explosions, work accidents, or medical malpractice. Such injuries may result in...

Leg Injury
Nursing Home Stock Photo - Fall + Reaching for Alarm Cropped_edited.jpg
Nursing Home Injuries Are Predictable and Preventable 

Elderly, vulnerable, and feeble residents in nursing homes are in most cases confused and completely reliant upon the facility’s staff for their well-being. The entire purpose of surrendering the loved ones by their families to the nursing home is to take individualized care of admittees...

Work Injury Compensation From The
At-Fault-Parties and Worker's Employer

An injured employee may seek compensation for work injury from parties which caused the injurious event (e.g., a defective device manufacturer or a vehicle driver who triggered a collision) and the employer if the injury arose out of and in the course of employment and the...

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Claim For Physical-Mental Injury At Work

Employers (their insurance carriers) must pay compensation for their employees’ injuries and occupational diseases arising from and in the course of their work activities. This includes physical and psychological injuries, which are compensable if...

Driver's Exercise of Ordinary Care to Avoid Child's Knockdown

To avoid a collision with a running child, drivers are expected to be extra cautious around schools, playgrounds, parks, and places that children frequent, and slow down near or at the crosswalks in residential areas...

Kids Playing
Driver Behind Wheel
Driver's Liability Determination in Motor Vehicle Collisions

A driver’s violation of rules of the road may result in very serious bodily injuries or death caused by crashes with other vehicles, children crossing the roadway, pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicyclists. The Illinois Motor Vehicle Code rules and comparative negligence laws serve as the main criteria for determination of drivers’ liability in causing accidents and corre

Statutory Rules For Pedestrians 
Crossing Roadways

In motor vehicle collisions involving pedestrians, a vehicle driver’s liability may be significantly reduced or eliminated by the pedestrian’s conduct being in violation of state, federal or municipal laws...

Pedestrian Path
How to Get Out Of Contracts

Every person enters into various contracts every day. Whenever two parties agreed to meet at a certain place and time, they enter into a contract. A promise to deliver or do anything for anyone is a binding contract. Penalties for violation of such contracts can be minimal and can reach millions of dollars...

Contract Review
To Sue Or Not To Sue 

This question enters the mind of many people who are upset with a bad product or service, or breach of an agreement. In order to answer this question and make a decision, one must consider the following factors...

Judge and Gavel
Historic Precedent: Belarus Courts Enforce U.S. Court Judgment 

Will the Republic of Belarus judicial system treat U.S. businesses per American notions of justice? Recent Belarus courts’ decisions in a precedent-setting case bode well for U.S. technology exporters, R&D joint ventures, reciprocal investments and beneficial business with Belarus...

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