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client testimonials

Ivan S.

"The car rental company initially refused to pay me for my brain injury claim as the car renter did not buy the company offered personal injury coverage and had no other insurance which would usually cover the crash cause by that renter. 


Parad firm's creative and law based arguments eventually prevailed over the rental car company attorney's counterarguments. Therefore, I received the maximum policy limits amount for my brain injury claim. Great job, Boris."

Natalie E.

"After spending several years seeing the dedication, time, and effort Boris puts towards his clients, I was involved in a rear end collision this past summer and immediately knew where to turn. Boris made something that is beyond stressful and full of ups and downs manageable. Not only did he make the entire process very comfortable, but he always presented things in matter-of-fact way without sugar-coating the issues. He never tried to sway me one way or another and he along with his office kept me updated on everything as it happened, or how it could happen.

Honestly, Boris is a great attorney, friend, and teacher who possesses an immeasurable wealth of knowledge and education of personal injury cases. I am glad to have retained Parad Law Offices and I can confirm that Boris is truly the kind of attorney that cares about what's best for a client first and will always strive to obtain the best possible outcome without cutting any corners in the process."

Olga D. 

"Although my electric shock injuries are still lingering after the claim settlement, I believe I was very fortunate to retain Parad firm which morally supported me and got a very significant compensation for my electric wire shock trauma. The firm helped me with other post-settlement documentation and gave friendly advice. 5++ star for service and result."
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