The following cases and matters exemplify the Firm’s achievements and expertise.


International Trade and Litigation. The firm has know-how for large asset monetization; cross-border trade dispute resolutions; enforcement of U.S. court judgments in a foreign country; manufacturing and state infrastructure project funding. The firm’s historic legal victory in Eastern Europe for its U.S. client: Belarus courts’ unprecedented recognition and enforcement of a U.S. state court judgment in favor of an American company and against a Belarus citizen.

Product liability. The firm’s technical background benefits clients in matters involving scientific and engineering issues. For instance, the Firm has proved that a lathe was negligently designed by establishing the absence of state-of the-art design of light and electromechanical shut-off switches in a product liability case, where a service mechanic’s finger was cut off by the lathe he worked upon.

Personal Injury / Injured Employee’s Compensation. The firm obtained recovery for injured workers and for clients in severe trauma cases involving fall downs, vehicle collisions, nursing home’s negligence and abuse of its residents (resulting in a resident’s suicide, fatal suffocation on food, severe bed sores and ulcers, and foreseeable fall downs), design and manufacturing defects, construction and work accidents. Wrongful death, statutory cause and common law negligence and strict liability actions were filed for victims who sustained traumas ranging from fractured bones and internal organs’ irreversible damage to brain injury and lethal outcome.

Contracts. The firm successfully defended parties in many contract disputes. For example, our clients, purchasers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, prevailed in a suit brought by a U.S. based Mercedes-Benz dealer against them for a breach of contract arising from the DaimlerChrysler imposed car export restrictions. 

A bank’s loan deficiency litigation with one of the largest American banks was resolved in view of our client’s proof of contract formation per Credit Agreements Act via employees’ electronic communications.

Commercial Defamation. We settled a defamation suit against a world-renowned corporation, which prepared and repeatedly communicated to third parties its erroneous “factual” reports stating that the principal of the ethnic TV broadcasting company had been indicted on racketeering charges including wire and mail fraud, illegal interstate travel and bilking investors for $20 million.

Investor Fraud. The Colorado federal court entered a judgment for $58,394,603 in favor of our client (an Austrian investor) who filed a fraud, conversion and RICO lawsuit against the U.S. investment consultants. In another case, a 7-day Michigan federal jury trial has resulted in the award of $8,100,000.00 to our client, a defrauded investor. The verdict amount was 27 times the investor’s $300,000 which his Russian Import/Export gold mine and real estate development company had invested with a U.S. group of investment promoters.


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