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Natalie E. 

After spending several years seeing the dedication, time, and effort Boris puts towards his clients, I was involved in a rear end collision this past summer and immediately knew where to turn. Boris made something that is beyond stressful and full of ups and downs manageable. Not only did he make the entire process very comfortable, but he always presented things in matter-of-fact way without sugar-coating the issues. He never tried to sway me one way or another and he along with his office kept me updated on everything as it happened, or how it could happen.

Honestly, Boris is a great attorney, friend, and teacher who possesses an immeasurable wealth of knowledge and education of personal injury cases. I am glad to have retained Parad Law Offices and I can confirm that Boris is truly the kind of attorney that cares about what's best for a client first and will always strive to obtain the best possible outcome without cutting any corners in the process.

Ivan S.

The car rental company initially refused to pay me for my brain injury claim as the car renter did not buy the company offered personal injury coverage and had no other insurance which would usually cover the crash cause by that renter.


Parad firm's creative and law based arguments eventually prevailed over the rental car company attorney's counterarguments. Therefore, I received the maximum policy limits amount for my brain injury claim. Great job, Boris.

Vicky K.

A prominent Chicago law firm gave up on my grandma’s case against a nursing home for their mistreatment of my grandmother. Parad firm obtained a great settlement in that difficult case. Boris is a high-class experienced attorney whom our family is grateful for his excellent work.

Vladimir S. 

Our disabled son’s brain was damaged when he was knocked down to the road by a truck making a turn. Parad got a fantastic financial result in the personal injury claim and also helped to preserve the government programs’ benefits by establishing a disabled person’s trust. Parad’s assistance to our family in connection with that claim continued long after its conclusion. Our family is very happy with Parad’s cordial services and successful result in this brain trauma case.

Gary B.

The best lawyer. 

Zaira M.

When I switched from two law firms to Parad Law Offices, I thought I would never receive any money for my injuries which I got in a car accident. But after litigating my claim in court, Boris surprised me with the magnificent result as the received recovery exceeded all my expectations. I was impressed with his sharp intellect, hard work, attention to detail, and respectful attitude toward me. The firm deserves to be rated as one of the top tier firms for getting high recovery for its clients. I wholeheartedly approve and praise Boris and his firm. 

Tony S.

Five personal injury lawyers refused to take my worker compensation case. Boris took my case when no one else would and won. The money received from the case helped my family to live comfortably for many years. The recovery helped me get my family out of the Motel 6 and into a home again. He was able to minimize the effect of received recovery in that case on my Social Security benefits. He is a truly super lawyer. I highly recommend him and his firm for the best results they achieve for clients.

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